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  Most people think chess is come from India. This ancient game image has created 1,500 years ago.

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  Early day people were imagining there has to be 3 great place in the South. 

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 In 1830, French man named Bartyelimi Timoniyecreatedsewing machine.

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  In 1886, Gotlib Daimler created the horse dray-cart which is kind of small four-wheel flatbed dray-cart, this was the first automobile foundation. 

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The game named Kagle is fantastic game but we still don’t know who discovered it. 

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The film is actually animated photograph. In 1895,French designer brother Lumers

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  Cars and heavy industry is makes air hazardous and increase air pollution.

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  A human’s great inventions is the subway. In the big cities life would be impossible without this kind of transport.

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 Modern ships can be a nine-story apartment or even more.

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